Being a part of your story means partnering with DURAPRO to create customized and effective bonding solutions that are tailored to the specificity of your equipment and end-products. Let us serve your market by producing the most innovative and economical adhesives to make the manufacturing of your products quick and painless. DURAPRO offers a wide range of industrial strength adhesives-formulated to be used in various applications, under any conditions. Our team can evaluate your specific means of production and help find the right adhesive for you.

Choose DURAPRO for exceptional customer service and care. Our team is dedicated to excellent service and communication to keep your production running smoothly. We are proud to say that we are attentive to the needs of all of our customers, small and large.

DURAPRO listens to concerns about environmental safety and works to create products that meet the highest safety requirements. This includes manufacturing adhesives that are safe for handling, safe for machining for your employees and your end consumers. This also means developing and working with products that meet your customers environmental needs and concerns.

In addition to supplying quality products and exceptional service under the brand name DURAPRO, IFS is also proud to be a family owned and operated company since 1973. Being family owned and operated gives our company a different perspective and contributes to our sincere dedication to our customers and customers to be. We care about our customers and our people.

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