DURAPRO branded products are high performance adhesives, coatings, tapes and additives for industrial and distribution customers worldwide. Our entire team is committed to making your products the best and we use the latest innovations in chemistry to custom develop environmentally-friendly products to meet your specific industry needs.

Our adhesives are designed for fast production speeds and superior bonding to a variety of paper and cover stocks.
We either have or can formulate products to match your specific machine, signature stock and finished product requirements.


Graphic Arts


Automotive & Transportation Industry

Textile Industry



Filters (Air and RO)

Paper Converting


General Assembly

Foam to Foam

As a manufacturer of adhesives and being vertically integrated with polymers, DURAPRO serves customers and industry throughout the world. Our extensive range includes more than 250 different products in more than 1200 variations.

Our Technologies

For a full view of the technology solutions we offer, visit our technologies page here.

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