Dextrin/Starch-Based Adhesives (Dextrin)

Dura Pro™ starch-based adhesives are made from roots, tubers and seeds of plants such as maize, potatoes, wheat, rice and tapioca based on the performance, machining and cost requirements of the application. Starch-based adhesives are either cold or warm water-soluble depending on the application requirements. Starch adhesives are made by dispersing starch granules in water then heating the mixture until the granules burst and absorb water. As the granules swell they increase in viscosity and form a paste or adhesive.

Dextrin is a commonly used dry roasted starch because it can be developed into a variety of gums and pastes and the solubility and viscosity can be controlled based on acidity, moisture content, and roasting temperature. Common applications for dextrin/starch-based systems include manufacturing of corrugated board, paper tubes, labels, books, envelopes and other paper products.