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Our water based products are designed for multiple industries, strength, durability and long lasting bonds. Our strength is our ability to custom manufacture for you. Our line of water based adhesives perform well with hard to stick substrates and in a variety of industries including packaging and bookbinding.


DURAPRO hot melt adhesives are formulated for high performance in any industry. We pride ourselves on providing innovative, high quality, and low cost of use solutions. We are happy to custom manufacture a hot melt that meets your specific needs and requirements. Our hot melt products are tried and true for many industries, including packaging and bookbinding and we look forward further innovations.


Our polyurethane division is dedicated to innovative solutions, the DURAPRO line of reactive chemistries includes reactive hot melts adhesives, one component liquid moisture cure adhesives and two component polyurethane systems. These products can be custom formulated to meet the specific process and end use demands of our customers. We provide polyurethane adhesive solutions for high speed manufacturing applications.


DURAPRO Tape products are the next generation of Hot Melt coated tapes used to reinforce corrugated board, folding carton, film, paper board and paper products. Our products are used to reinforce as well as to create innovative opening systems and display ready containers. Our DURAPRO Team will partner with you, our customers to custom design the application equipment needed to ensure a smooth transition.

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Ona Polymers, LLC is an innovative manufacturer of water-based emulsions for the coatings, adhesives, and graphic arts industries, selling under the brand names "DURAPRO" and "Ona". Incorporated in 2006, Ona Polymers initially offered the highly regarded and popular line of DURAPRO polymers under license from Dural of Dorval, Canada. We have since broadened our portfolio to offer a full range of general and specialty grade polymers based on Vinyl Acrylic, Acrylic and Styrenated Acrylic chemistries. We offering consistent and exceptional products that not only exceed the standards of the industries we serve, but also set new standards.

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Our retail division carries a comprehensive line of glues and adhesives for DIYers and professionals in construction and preservation. These products include adhesives for woodworking, flooring and other basic construction. Our retail line is excellent for any home projects as they bond well with drywall, concrete, plastics, and wood. From craft glues to contact cements, these DURAPRO glues make adhering easy.

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